Paddy Muchwa

Artist: Paddy KMuchwa
Born: December 13, 1969
Place of birth: Kampala Uganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Education: Makerere University
Known for: Great depiction of colours

He is a contemporary African artist who explores gender, beauty, joy and identity in his work. He’s best known for his beautiful colors in his works on canvases especially with women figures. Muchwa lives in Cape Town, where he runs his own gallery in the valleys of Franschhoek.


Muchwa was born in Kampala, Uganda in 1969 to a family of art and artists. His mom still paints and is still in Uganda at the age of 62. .He lives in Somerset West with his wife and Children. 

“One of my earliest memories involves sitting in my Uncle's studio on the side of our garage at our house and watching him draw. I remember thinking: ‘I want to do that, too,’ and I pretty much decided then and there at age 17, that I was an artist just like Uncle.” —Paddy Muchwa. 

Paddy Muchwa moved to Cape Town in late 1997 with his family and settled in Simon’s Town where he stayed and started a gallery for at least five years then relocated to Stellenbosch for another couple of years working as a Batik artist. He received attention in 2007 with his mural Masai elders in discussion, the beauty of an African woman and two brothers walking from school. 


Beginning with Masai elders in discussion and two brothers walking from school, Muchwa became known for his panoramic silhouettes, usually black figures against a sunset sort of background, which addresses the weather in most parts of Africa as a whole. Muchwa has produced works in Batik form, water color, oil and inks mixed media perhaps his most recognizable works to date. 

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